The way we see it, you’ve got a pretty good handle on this smoking thing, right?

You enjoy a smoke during the week, even if it’s not part of your social regime, but come the weekend, and the drinks are flowing…well, the ciggies get a bit of a hammering, don’t they?

But that’s okay. You’re in control. You’ve been a smoker for a few years now, and it hasn’t seemed to have affected your health. You’re not seeing anything that causes any concern just yet.

And yep, you’ve worked out that it’s not forever. You’ll quit when you’re good and ready.

You’re also probably thinking that once you settle down into a relationship that it’ll be time to cut back. Marriage and kids? Well, that may be a long way off, but you’re definitely in the camp that says kids (especially babies) and smoking don’t mix.

Look, you obviously enjoy a smoke and don’t worry what other people think or that they’re giving you the raised eyebrow through the window of a pub or restaurant. And it doesn’t faze you that you’re outside rugged up and stomping up and down to keep warm while having a ciggie and looking at your phone.

But hey, bring on summer, right?

Here’s something to think about

  • Even as a smoker who’s ‘in-control’, XX% of smokers in your category ‘lose control’ and go on to become ‘habitual smokers’
  • You might have some control over the amount you smoke, but you can’t control your chances of contracting cancer – which is XX% greater than a non-smoker
  • Another aspect outside of your control is the affect your smoking will have on those around you, especially family and kids, if you have them
  • Then there’s the cost – someone in your category of smokers will still spend around $X,000 a year cigarettes
  • Have you got life insurance? – for those companies, you’re either a ‘smoker’ or you’re not – and you’ll pay through the nose if you are
  • But hey – you’re not a ‘real smoker’ – let’s tick the ‘non smoker box’ and cross our fingers if you have to make an insurance claim
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