Righto, let’s have a look at you then.

You’re a champion smoker that’s for sure. You’ve smoked for most of your adult life – if not earlier.

Probably started by stealing a couple of darts from the old boy when he wasn’t looking. Good thing you got away with it too – would’ve given you a decent thrashing if he found out.

Anyway, with that sort of background, you’re probably a pretty heavy smoker. We reckon it’s almost ingrained, having grown up around smokers all your life. Any opportunity for a gasper, right?

Not that you don’t think the ciggies are doing you any good. Quite the opposite, actually, but you reckon they’re just another vice in a long list of harmful habits – who doesn’t drink a little too much and popping on the nose bag more often than you should?

But you’re a responsible smoker, as most are, and you reckon it doesn’t harm anyone but you –unlike those drink-driving turkeys, who put everyone in danger when they get behind the wheel.

That said, you’re not likely to quit any time soon, so we’re not going to bang on about getting you to quit.

And, even though you don’t seem to mind forking out $50 for a pack of 40, you reckon there are fewer of you smoking these days, so someone has to keep doing it.

Here’s something to think about

  • The facts speak for themselves
  • Smokers in your category are XX% more likely to contract a life threatening disease than non-smokers
  • If you do contract one of these XX different diseases and 13 different cancers your chances of survival are pretty much negligible – game over
  • Thing is – you’ll probably never know until it’s too late
  • And forget slipping off to a better place quietly in your sleep – most smoking related deaths are protracted and painful – painful for the smoker, their partner and their family
  • While you, personally, might have come to terms with the repercussions of smoking, do you really want to inflict these on your loved ones?
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