Remember the days when no-one went out, or did pretty much anything, without a full packet of cigs in their pocket, or tucked under the sleeve or their t-shirt.

That’s you, isn’t it?

You’re part of a group of people who have smoked their entire lives – to the point where it would be hard to imagine life without a packet of smokes and a monogrammed Zippo – worse still, a pouch of tobacco and half a dozen packs of Tally-Hos.

It’s fair to say you’re addicted, even though you know that it’s doing you harm. You’ve already discovered there are probably a few things going on with the old body that are directly connected to the number of gaspers you’ve sucked down over the years.

And it’s not that you haven’t tried to quit. You’ve given it a decent go – a few times, in different ways – but somehow the lure of the ciggie keeps calling you back. The body’s willing, but the mind isn’t quite there yet.

You know the smokes are slowly killing you doing you harm, so you would be willing to give the whole quit thing another crack.

We know you can do it. All you need is confidence, encouragement and the right support.

Here’s something to think about

  • Trust us – if have just a hint of a will (to give up) – there is a way
  • And it’s NEVER too late to quit
  • As quickly as the effects of smoking deteriorate your body – the reverse is also true
  • Just 20 minutes after your last cigarette, you body begins to repair itself – that’s all the time it takes for your blood pressure to begin to go down
  • 2 days later, and you’ll find that your sense of taste and smell return
  • Just 2 weeks after your last ciggie, walking will be much easier – and breathing will have improved
  • How long do you think it takes for nicotine withdrawals to reduce? – just one month
  • After 5 years – if you can stay strong that long – the benefits of giving up get really serious
  • Your chance of contracting many of the cancers you were susceptible to will have dramatically reduced – we’re talking about a XX%–XX% improvement
  • And (this is a conservative estimate, BTW) – you’ll be around $30,000 better off
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