It seems everyone’s a little stressed these days, don’t you think?

What, with running a household and bringing up kids, you could be forgiven for popping outside for a quick smoke and a little ‘Me Time’.

You know that smoking isn’t all that good for you, but at the moment, there’s comfort in knowing you can reach for a ciggie as a coping mechanism.

Work’s not helping either. It’s like there’s a new stress every day and you’re finding yourself outside with the other smokers more often.

And what’s with everyone nagging you to quit? You’ve been down the quit road before, and it’s not easy. Especially if the stress and pressures of maintaining a healthy work/life balance don’t change.

Listen, you’re doing okay. You’re a responsible smoker around the kids, even if the older ones call you on it sometimes. Teenagers, huh?

But, you know you’ll get your own back soon enough. You know you’re going to give the smokes a big miss when the time comes.

Right now, though, you’re probably working to at least cut down, and that’s a great start. Let’s hope the kids don’t do anything to stress you out too much.

Here’s something to think about

  • Does having a ciggie really make you feel better about yourself?
  • Don’t you think you could feel better about yourself for not having a ciggie? – for having the strength to resist – rather than the other way around?
  • And get this – it’s a myth to think that smoking a ciggie can relieve stress – studies show they actually contribute to your stress
  • Speaking of stress – this ought to freak you out – how come every other product we buy needs to list its ingredients on the packaging, except cigarettes?
  • So how about finding something else to help boost your confidence and maintain self-esteem? – such as keeping a flask of water nearby – it’s something else to ‘suck on’ and it’s good for you
  • And if the kids do get to you, keep reminding yourself that ‘you’re better than them’ – they’re only kids that think they know everything, but you are older, wiser and stronger
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