Let’s face it. There’s no point in us rabbiting on about a quit message here, is there?

You’re a smoker, your mates are all smokers, and that’s that. You’re not planning on quitting any time soon.

We also understand that you’re more than a bit sceptical about the whole tobacco products equals bad health equation. After all, you’re a heavy smoker, and your health isn’t all that bad…is it?

In fact, we’d put money on you knowing someone who smoked like a chimney all their lives and lived to be a hundred. And look, that’s fine. But we could also throw some examples at you where someone has died from smoking-related lung cancer at a very early age.

That’s all by the by, though. You’re happy to keep smoking and ignore all the health warnings, and we’re happy to keep preaching the quit message.

We’ll respect your ‘I’m all right, Jack’ attitude. But if even more compelling evidence eventuates that directly links smoking with illness, don’t expect us to keep it quiet – just as we won’t expect you to pay much attention to it.

What’s the point? You probably wouldn’t believe us anyway.

Here’s something to think about

  • It’s NEVER too late to give up
  • As quickly as the effects of smoking deteriorate your body – the reverse is also true
  • Just 20 minutes after your last cigarette, you body begins to repair itself – that’s all the time it takes for your blood pressure to begin to go down
  • 2 days later, and you’ll find that your sense of taste and smell return (now you’ll get an idea of what your clothes smell like to others)
  • Just 2 weeks after your last ciggie, walking will be much easier – and breathing will have improved
  • How long do you think it takes for nicotine withdrawals to reduce? – just one month
  • After 5 years – if you can stay strong that long – the benefits of giving up get really serious
  • Your chance of contracting many of the cancers you were susceptible to will have dramatically reduced – we’re talking about a XX%–XX% improvement
  • And (this is a conservative estimate, BTW) – you’ll be around $30,000 better off
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