We get it.

The weekend’s here, and you’re busting to head to a party, pub or club and hang out with your friends.

Sure, you like a smoke, but hey, you only smoke when you’re out with your mates and when there’s a couple of drinks involved.

You probably don’t think about the gigs too much during the week. Unless you want to hang with someone cool at work, you’ll rarely head outside for a ciggie during working hours.

And you’re in control, too. You know you can ditch the smokes whenever you want…it’s just that everyone else in your group smokes, so hey, why not?

Yeah, you know it’s doing all kinds of bad things to the inside of your body, but you figure you’re young enough that when you eventually quit, your body will soon recover – that’s what the ads say, don’t they?

Right now, though, if someone offers you a smoke, you’re not going to say no. And that’s unlikely to change unless your other mates stop lighting up.

But it’s a pretty expensive little pastime, right? And you don’t earn enough to make a habit of it – that’s why you’re happy just to be in it for the social side of things.

Here’s something to think about

  • XX% of ‘weekender’, social smokers, between the age of XX and XX, go on to become ‘habitual smokers’ before they turn XX
  • Even as a social smoker, your chances of contracting one of 13 cancers is XX% greater than a non-smoker
  • Over the course of 5-years, if you remain a ‘social smoker’ you’ll still spend, on average, over $XX,000 on cigarettes
  • Of course, you don’t need to be a heavy smoker to smell like one – the stench of just one ciggie can hang around in your clothes for over X hours
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